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Hello everyone,

I just want to thank you all for such a great time. Being in this fandom got me to meet some wonderful people. Thank you all for your support, your asks, your participation, and overall your continuing following of this blog. From the blogs that have followed Shy from the very beginning to the ones that just recently followed him. 

This blog has gone through so many things. They’ve been happy, sad, tragic, annoying, etc. Thank you for sticking by when things got long and tedious or when nothing was being posted. I do want to apologize for that; I have not posted anything on this blog recently. I have gotten busy and also the motivation to keep this blog running has diminished. I am sorry to those of you who love Shy. 

I will be shutting down this blog today. I originally had some videos planned, like the earlier ones of Shy’s memories after he woke up from his coma, but unfortunately I have not had the inspiration or the time do so. That is why I had been putting off the shut down of this blog, many of you may have seen it coming. I may or may not post the videos on this blog later if I ever get around to drawing the images for them.

I especially want to thank all of the mods of the characters Shy interacted with. It was a pleasure to write with you and even if after some time some of you left I still want to thank you. Again, this experience has been enjoyable and I couldn’t have had this much fun without all of you.

So, with a heavy heart I say goodbye. Thank you. From both Shy and I.

- Joce

Are you still a cyborg?

Cyborg? Goodness, no!

"That's kinda obvious." he raised a brow. "Look, I'm not asking for money, I can get that on my own, but I do need a place to stay."

Ah, well what happened to my old house? I let you to live in there didn’t I?

stutt: !!*waddles up to the other and yanks on shirt, holding out cookieS* 0 u 0 eat

Cookies? Oh my why thank you!

you has been tagged :D

I was tagged by: squeekyboo

  • rule one: post the rules
  • rule two: anwser the 11 questions asked then make 11 new ones
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  • rule four: let them know you tagged them (i guess it wouldn’t really work if you didn’t) a relationship?

Yes! With my wonderful fiance, Greed-ler.

2.what country do you live in :3?

What country is the Truffula Valley in again? usa

3.who is your idol :D

Hmmm I’d like to be the gentleman Tom Hiddleston is!

4.favourite tumblr?

Oh my that’s difficult to choose.

5.favourite hobby?

I love playing my violin and gardening. old are yous :O?


7.where did/go to school?

In my hometown!

8.favourite comic(can be online)

Hmm. Truffula Flu?

*Nods* Yeah tell me! I need some inspiration for my own proposal, hopefully someday soon if I get a better job :') But yeah, tell!

Aww u//v//u Well I can’t guarantee it’ll be inspirational. He proposed when we were alone. It wasn’t a gigantic deal. But it was so wonderful.

He’d had a long day and I had grown weary waiting for him to come back so we decided to get in the bath. I was still pretty energetic, I was just happy he was back. After I splashed a little in the bath he ushered me to him and had me sit with him. I was curled up between him, his big arms were wrapped around me, his legs too. I have never felt safer and warmer than that moment. We sat in peaceful silence, the bathroom lights were pretty dimmed. He had even let me put bubbles in the bath and candles on the counter. I thought he was just being nice and letting me do so.


I could feel his warmth all around me. His thumb was stroking my hands and he kissed the top of my head occasionally. It was so soothing. I think we dozed off for a bit too. We were so relaxed. When we woke up after that he gave me a squeeze and kissed the back of my neck. I told him I loved him and he said it back, he almost never does it. It kind of makes it feel more special. Anyway, I curled up into his body even more. Then he leans over the tub and picks up his coat from the floor. He digs in the pocket and pulls out a small box. He tells me he loves me and that he doesn’t want me to be anybody else’s and th-then… *wipes the few tears that have fallen from his eyes* Then he asks me to marry him. Of course I say yes, and he puts the ring on my finger. It was one of the best moments of my life. It may sound simple but, *sighs* It was so romantic. He doesn’t do these kinds of things ever, it was amazing.

Hey there is absolutely nothin' wrong with that bud. Just take it slow, enjoy the warm glow after the proposal... ooh! What's the proposal story what happened I wanna hear! *Examines the ring* Daaaang that's a nice ring though, real stylish~

It is isn’t it? He spoils me~ Ohh I tried not to get used to this lifestyle but it’s so difficult. I try not to ask too much though. *smiles*

Y-you want to h-hear about the proposal?! *eyes widen and light up* Really really?!?!!!

Ohoho fiancé eh? *waggles eyebrows jokingly* Now THAT'S exciting, congratulations totally :) got a date set for theee weeddinggg hmmm?

u///u You’re s-silly!

Not yet, we’re enjoying the engaged life for now. B-but it may be s-soon. Oh look!!

*holds out his left hand to show off his very expensive looking gold band with diamonds encrusted all around it*

Ugh yeah I'm so sorry about that I was taking care of Margie and couldn't go out. Found out I'm gonna be a Daddy 8) Oh hey I'll make it up to you later though, have you been doing alright?

A father! Wow! I wish you luck Mr. Bucks!~ *giggles*

I’ve been alright. S-spending time with my fiancé. *blushes*

Shy? You around?

Up and awake! Haven’t seen you around. What’s up?